Our Church Leadership

The Headship of Jesus Christ
The Head of Montclair Community Church is Jesus Christ. Since we are His church, we seek to reflect His priorities in all that we do. At every level of leadership, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we seek to discern God’s vision and strategy for the direction of the church.Leadership

Under the Headship of Jesus Christ, Montclair Community Church is directed by three groups of leaders: The Elders, the Leadership Team, and the Ministry Directors.

Elders are members of the church body who are recognized for their spiritual maturity and calling from God to provide oversight for the church and pastoral care of its members. The elders, under the direction and leadership of the Senior Pastor, shall have the ultimate responsibility and authority to see that (1) the church stays on course biblically, (2) the members of the church are shepherded and cared for, (3) the church is being fed through insightful and accurate biblical teaching, and (4) the church is being well managed, along with the assistance of competent and godly leaders.

The church elders are Pastor Ed Banghart, Joe DelGrande, and Dean Temple.

Leadership Team
The Leadership Team serves as the steering committee and governing board of the church. The Leadership Team oversees the legal and financial aspects of the church, evaluates major ministry decisions, and authorizes strategic ministry initiatives. The Leadership Team consists of the Senior Pastor, the Elders, and others who, by unanimous decision of the Leadership Team, are invited to serve.

The Senior Pastor and Elders shall serve as permanent members of the Leadership Team. Members of the Leadership Team who are non-elders shall serve a one-year term, subject to review, recommitment, and reaffirmation by the unanimous decision of the Leadership Team each subsequent year. Non-elders shall serve on the Leadership Team for a maximum of three consecutive years. However, an extension of service may be granted at the discretion of the Senior Pastor and Elders, in accordance with the needs of the Leadership Team.

The members of the Leadership Team are Pastor Ed Banghart, Pastor Larry and Marissa Felder, Joe DelGrande, Dave Howard, Dean and Kathleen Temple and Pastor Ernie Rivera.

Ministry Directors
The Ministry Directors serve as leaders of specific ministry programs in the church, and are responsible for the oversight and management of those program, e.g. Youth Ministry, Worship Ministry, KidsBreak, etc. A Ministry Director serves as the point person for a particular program, and seeks to develop and coordinate a team of volunteers so that ministry can happen. Every Ministry Director is also encouraged to develop a ministry leadership team consisting of other leaders, or leaders-in-training.

Click here to view our Statements Regarding Women and Men in Ministry and Leadership.

Church Staff
Click here for information about our Pastoral and Administrative staff.

2 Comments on “Our Church Leadership”

  1. Kris L. says:

    What, if any, distinctions do you see between women engaged in the ministry activities described and women serving as full-fledged pastors? In other words, would it be acceptable or unacceptable for your church to consider installing a woman as the senior pastor?

  2. mcc_admin says:

    Good question! Right now, women serve in roles of ministry leadership and also on the Leadership Team. The church is relatively young and has never had to search for a senior pastor. When the time comes for that step, we would hope we would be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, whoever He would lead us to.

    For more information on the church’s position on women in leadership, see the “Statements Regarding Women and Men in Positions of Ministry and Leadership” page under “About Us”.

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