Our Mission and Vision

The mission of a church is the reason that it exists, its purpose, its ultimate objective.

The mission of Montclair Community Church is be a
haven of grace in a graceless world.

Cross “From the founding of our church, my passion and dream has been to pastor a loving, caring, grace-filled and grace-extending community of Christ-followers that genuinely reflects the heart and character of Jesus Christ.

Such a community would be characterized by humility, authenticity, brokenness, righteousness, faith, love, acceptance and forgiveness.” – Pastor Ed

The vision of a church is how it envisions the accomplishment of its mission. The vision of a church is what sets its course.

The vision of Montclair Community Church is to model
grace-filled community of Christ-followers
that lives by faith,
is known for its love,
and offers hope to a broken world.

Our vision is to be a grace-filled church that reflects the love, acceptance and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, and where godly living and service is motivated out of love and gratitude rather than guilt, shame or obligation.

Our vision is to be a church that lives by faith—a church that is continually factoring God into the equation of our lives and is dependent upon the initiation and direction of the Spirit in everything it does.

Our vision is to be a church that is known by its love—a church that is known for its fervent, wholehearted love for God and its genuine, sacrificial love for others.

Our vision is to be a church that offers hope to broken world—a church of broken people who have experienced the healing power of amazing grace and, therefore, extend grace and hope to a broken world.

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