About Us

Our mission is to be a haven of grace in a graceless world.

"From the founding of our church, my passion and dream has been to pastor a loving, caring, grace-filled and grace-extending community of Christ followers that genuinely reflects the heart and character of Jesus Christ.  Such a community would be characterized by humility, authenticity, brokenness, righteousness, faith, love, acceptance and forgiveness." - Pastor Ed


As a church, we place great importance on our core values.  Our core values are the directional principles that help us navigate our decisions and our actions.

The Priority of God's Word
The Bible is our ultimate authority and guidebook for life.  Its timeless truth, presented in a loving spirit and received with an open heart, is a powerful catalyst for lasting life-change.

Outreach with the Good News of Jesus Christ
The answer to man's basic needs is a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.  We are committed to sharing the message of Jesus Christ in culturally relevant and compassionate ways.

A Grace Orientation
God's grace alone - not our effort or accomplishment - is the basis for eternal life, lasting character change, and fruitful service.

Prayerful Dependence on God
We are committed to seeking the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit at every level of ministry and leadership in our church.

Worship Services that Inspire People and Honor God
Worship services are designed to help people meaningfully experience God's presence through creative, Christ-honoring, and culturally relevant expressions.

Authentic, Loving Relationships
Spiritual growth happens best in the context of healthy relationships that are based on genuineness and authentic sharing.  We encourage participation in small groups where believers help one another live out their faith.

Empowering People for Ministry
God never intended church to be a spectator sport.  We are committed to helping believers discover their unique God-given design, develop their God-given gifts, and exercise their gifts in meaningful service to others.