Congo Healing Center

Our goal is to help raise the remaining $15,000 by the end of July so the School can be up in running by September! MCC is committed to matching every donation given up until we meet the $15,000 goal. So for every dollar, you give MCC also gives a dollar. 

Designate your fund for Congo School Development Mission!

Due to inter-tribal conflict, there have been over 100,000 displaced people that have come to the city of Bunia.  Over the past two years, we at Montclair Community Church have helped the Ngezi Church, pastored by Rev. Lomago, to care for 150 displaced families. 


The Ngezi Church realized that there are many children of the displaced families who risk becoming “street children” and delinquents due to a lack of adequate schooling facilities.  Besides this, they and their families also have needs for medical assistance, emotional healing, and spiritual growth.

To meet this needs the Ngezi Church wants to build a “Healing Center” which will include a school, a church, a training center, and a place to help meet the physical needs of the people. 

This can all be done for a grand total of $33,000. $10,000 has been provided by the Nqezi church, $5,000 has come from Local businesses in Bunia, and MCC has previously given $3,000. That leaves the $15,000 that we are trying to raise by the end of July.

The average tuition for a private school in New Jersey is: $13,683

For just $1,317 more you can help build a school that could fit 500 kids.

That's only $30 per child.

With MCC's matching donation that means every $15 you donate gives one child the opportunity to go to school.

But that's not all your money will do. It will also help start a church, create a place to meet the physical needs of people, help train Women in skills to support their families, create a training center for Post-trauma seminars, and more!


Designate your fund for Congo School Development Mission!

More Information

What is the vision of the Ngezi Church for the displaced peoples of Bunia?

Pastor Lomago along with his congregation is creating a “Healing Center” which will eventually include:

·A school with a pre-school, an elementary school and a high school which would begin with 200 to 250 students in September of 2020 and grow to 600 or 700 in a few years.

·A chapel that would seat 200 to 300 people to be used by the school and for starting a local church.

·A dispensary for treating the physical needs of the people.

·A training center that would be used for post-trauma seminars and for training women in skills for supporting their families.

That sounds rather ambitious!  How long will it take to realize that?

Actually, it is being done in several phases. The first phase has already realized the purchase of land (110 x 165 yards). The plan is to build two classroom buildings (with 12 classrooms) by September 2020. This would permit the school to begin with preschool, elementary school and high school this September. Phase one also includes the chapel building.

What will phase one cost and how much has already been realized?

The total cost comes to $33,000 of which $10,000 is being provided by the Ngezi Church in materials and labor and $5,000 will be contributed by local business people in Bunia. Of the the remaining $18,000, there have already been contributions of $3,000 from Montclair Community Church. They are praying that we might help them with the remaining $15,000.

Where are things right now when it comes to the plan to begin in September of 2020?

Recent word and videos from Pastor Lomago show us that they are about ready to build the foundation, with piles of gravel and sand already heaped around the spot. They already have the metal roofing purchased from the $3,000 we have sent. They need another $5,000 to put in the foundation and about $10,000 more to complete the phase one part of the project to begin with 300 students in September. Pastor Lomago says that the walls and roof will go fast! Half of the students will be from long-term residents of Bunia and half from families of displaced families. The school fees of the former will permit the children of the displaced families to attend free.

Can I donate via Check?

Yes! P{lease send your checks made out to Montclair Community Church (To: Montclair Community Church, 143 Watchung Ave., Upper Montclair, NJ 07043) with the designation: “Congo School Development Mission”.