Lesson #1: Anxiety

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the most stressful area of your life right now? (family, school, friendships, dating, etc.)

  2. What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

    1. I forgot to cover this so here is the answer;

      1. Stress is specific. It’s a reaction to an actual situation. Like the pressure you feel over an upcoming test or a big game. Stress is usually short-term. When the specific thing we’re stressed about passes, the stress usually goes away.​

      2. Anxiety is not specific. It’s more like a reaction to the world as a whole. Anxiety is something you feel all the time or about all things. It’s a general feeling of unease or fear that doesn’t go away, even when the stressful circumstance does.

  3. What do you typically do when you feel stressed or anxious?

  4. How have you seen anxiety turn into something that hurts you or someone you know?

  5. How can knowing that you aren’t alone in your particular struggle help you deal with it?

  6. Read Psalm 56:3-4. What are the things that feel true in a stressful or anxious time that aren’t? What are the things that are true about God no matter what we are experiencing inside or outside?

  7. Read Philippians 4:6-7. Paul challenges us to pray and be thankful when we feel anxious. How can these two things help?

  8. What’s one thing you can start doing next time you feel anxious or stressed to help you cope with it better?

Interactive Piece: Give your child the "Things that stress me out" handout (download it by clicking here). Have your child and yourself fill out the top half (things that stress you out and things that calm you down). Share with each other what you wrote down. 

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