Our Vision

Encounter God's Grace

Our church has been and continues to be a place of healing, hope, and restoration.  We believe MCC is a place through which many will come and continue to encounter God's grace, through worship, prayer, the preaching of the Word, etc.  We believe God's grace comes to us, through corporate worship, prayer, and the Word.

Experience Community

Some have said, "our middle name is community."  Over the past year, our emphasis has been on building a sense of community among our congregation.  It is our passion to see people get connected with one another, through community group opportunities (discipleship) and acts of service.  We believe God's grace works in us, as we gather in community and serve the church.

Engage the World

Ultimately, we seek to see people come to Christ.  Jesus commissioned his followers to, "go and make disciples."  We are compelled by God's love for us, to share the love of Jesus with others, outside the walls of the church.  We believe God's grace flows through us, as we seek to engage the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.